For the Kids

The Sundance Observatory will be open for visiting by scouts and elementary schools to explore the wonders of the Universe. To request a visit, go to the Contact page.

Go to to learn about Astronomy and have fun doing it. See also, the kids page at

NASA Kids Club has lots of fun games that can be set to various levels with fun sound effects. Its "For Students" page has lots of good information for kids. For the latest news for kids, see Astronomy News for kids.

There is a wonderful site that covers most of the astronomy issues for kids called A Guide to Outer Space Surveillance.

Another great site to checkout is one that focuses on "Air in Outer Space". It too is a great site that covers the issues of the absence of air in outer space. It also has links to a large number of issues like black holes, space weather, and the Moon and so many more interesting items. Air in Outer Space.

Is there life out there? The SETI Institute.

National Geographic's "Star Journey", with star charts and the Hubble Space Telescope.

What would I weigh on the planets? For an answer see Your Weight in the Solar System

A Unique View of our Solar System

with our Milky Way Galaxy in the background

Our Star System









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